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A life without pain is possible

We rise to improve people's quality of life

Fisify's missionWhat was Fisify created for

“We want to enable people to live a life without pain.

To achieve this, we are clear that physiotherapy needs to evolve.”


There have been incredible advances in technology.

But still,

we have been treating injuries in the same way for over two centuries.

That is why we felt the need to create Fisify, with the goal of designing an instant, accessible, and extremely effective physiotherapy experience.Instant

Health cannot afford to wait.

We work to make physiotherapy treatment a continuous line, where you have instant access from the first moment and constant support throughout the process.

We cannot allow that in the 21st century treatments are carried out discontinuously, with waiting times and only a 60-minute session each week.



It is essential to incorporate technology to reduce costs, break down geographical barriers, and reach as many people as possible.

We dream of a world where all people, regardless of their economic level, can have physiotherapy treatment and improve their quality of life.



We are not satisfied with being effective,

physiotherapy has to be extremely effective.

We invest in research to perfect both the technology and the therapeutic approach in order to accelerate the advancement of physiotherapy and increasingly offer more effective treatments.


Innovation is the spark that starts every engine, and we want to lead this change by inspiring others to join this movement.

We are facing the most ambitious goal that physiotherapy as a discipline has ever had.

But we are convinced that we are going to change the way we understand physiotherapy.

Thus creating the treatments of the future.

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