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Designing the physiotherapy of the future

The best experience for treating musculoskeletal pain.

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online physiotherapy
Keep your leg straight

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100% digital

Bringing the best physiotherapy experience to the world

Instant, accessible and extremely effective


We take care of +520.000 people

Take Care Wherever and Whenever You Want.

No Waiting or Travelling Required.

accompanied digital physiotherapy

Accompanied at all times

I want to take care of myself

digital physiotherapy
online physiotherapy app


Treatments down to the millimeter

We analyze over 50 personal variables to create the perfect program for you.

personalized physiotherapy treatment
artificial intelligence in physiotherapy
100% digital

Powered by artificial intelligence

More human than ever.

Discover our technology

physiotherapy and technology


of patients

have improved their symptoms with 10 sessions of Fisify

Study conducted with over 3000 patients

physical therapy stretching
effectiveness of online physiotherapy
physiotherapy in business

We take care of the health of your team

Service for companies

remote physiotherapy

98% of the employees indicated that they would like to have this service in their company.

*Study conducted with 1800 Generali employees

Our customers


Enabling people to live a pain-free life

We develop technology to improve people's lives.

+ 40,000 people cared for

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live a pain-free life
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