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Fisify Business

Take care of your team with digital physiotherapy. They will thank you.

Ultra-personalized physiotherapy treatments with artificial intelligence. 100% digital.

Physical therapy service for companies
physiotherapist for companies
physical therapy for employees
physiotherapist service for employees
From small businesses to multinationals, they take care of their team with Fisify.
Laboral Kutxa
Optimal experience

The most human touch powered by the latest technology.

A physiotherapy experience never seen before.

Want to see how the app works inside?

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digital physiotherapy app

Take Care of Your Team.
They Take Care of Your Business.

The health of your employees is the most important asset for achieving the best results. Plus, we make you earn 3 times what Fisify costs you, saving on the costs of work absenteeism.

Reduced anxiety and increased productivity
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Take care of the health of employees
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Savings derived from work absenteeism
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We do all the work so you don't have to.

We make it too easy for you. We take away all the implementation worries and ensure that the initiative is a success.

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